BegA started its business during 2011: a small artisan company grown from ground zero, full of ideas only.

We are driven from our will to innovate, to improve and to dare. We are and we will be always faithful to our style and instinct.

We had our first patent in 2012: we created a simple, functional and efficient way to constantly stretch fabrics of our roll-up shade sails.

During 2016 we registered other 6 patents thanks to some innovations both in design and in technical solutions for the historic segment of outdoor umbrellas.

Our products are proudly ‘Made In Italy’ and we are searching for long-term relationship with local partners, trying to feed our social environment.
BegA is growing through investments on young talents, exactly in a difficult moment in Italy for this category. We think it is our duty to help our people, considering that our institutions are less and less interested in concrete problem of real people.

We believe that Italy has a lot to say in manufacturing: thanks to artisan tradition of this country that is centuries-old, thanks to richness of historical beauty and thanks to talent of people.

We are facing and we will face every new challenge with our style, sharing happiness and pains, helping our people, and fighting in international markets with our smile, openly, proud of our ideas and roots.

BegA is aiming to be more than a company: we want to farm an environment to live better, with more happiness.

A big thanks to all the people inspiring this project: Renzo Rosso, Steve Jobs, Paolo Barnard, Ghemon, Mahatma Gandhi, Marthin Luther King and all the people that is fighting for a better world.