16 months of development, 4 patents to protect innovations, a lot of efforts and investments but finally… here we are!

With a big pleasure we are announcing OmbrelA: also if it has been launched few time ago we think we will keep talking of this product for a long time.

It is a mix between a roll-up shade sail and an umbrella and the name came from that: OMBR (from italian OMBRellone that means umbrella) ELA (from italian vELA than means sail).

Design leaves immediately its mark also if we believe that shape is nothing without a function so it delivers some specifics never seen on an outdoor umbrella:

  • It covers to 23,5 square meters
  • Able to resist to class 6 (from 39 to 49 km/h)
  • Equipped with CtR technology (patented) able to maintain stretched fabric that is tranlated to better wind resistance, better safety, perfect draining
  • Main mast able to be reclined onward/backward: better protection against wind/sun/rain
  • Roll-up boom able to be reclined: again better protecion against wind/sun/rain
  • OmbrelA is available in 3 different sizing: 12, 17, 24 sqm.

Fabric is usually nautical Dacron: probably the best polyester in class.
Considering limited color available we are able to supply other quality polyester selected from us.

OmbrelA is proudly made in Italy from our specialized staff.


We leave you some pics here below!